The 2022 AAEA Quality of Communication Award: The AAEA gives a maximum of two awards each year for research work that demonstrates superior communication of concepts and knowledge. The award is in recognition of a combination of published works, including Cost and affordability of nutritious diets at retail prices: Evidence from 177 countries (Food Policy, 2021). The award was accepted by Professor Will Masters, project director, on behalf of the co-authors, who include Tufts graduate students (now alumni) Yan Bai and Robel Alemu, Tufts professor Steven Block, Food Prices for Nutrition project co-director Anna Herforth, IFPRI researcher Derek Headey, and Our World in Data researcher Hannah Ritchie. News coverage includes the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, IFPRI, and Cision PRWeb.


Featured in a news piece by Tufts University, “Global Changemakers: Through a cross-school Ph.D. program, Neubauer Fellows are on a mission to shape a better world”