Presented a paper on the relative predictive accuracy of polygenic indexes (PGIs) across diverse ancestral populations at the second European Social Science Genetics Network (ESSGN) conference in Bologna, Italy. 11-12 May, 2023.

Presented a paper at the Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data conference. Nov. 18, 2021. University of Wisconsin – Madison. [Video]

Presented job market paper at the Western Economic Association International (WEAI) – Graduate Student Workshop. July 2021.  

Presented a paper at the 11th Integrating Genetics and Social Science (IGSS) conference. Sep. 24th, 2020. Boulder, CO. 

Presented a paper at the American Economic Association (AEA) during a session on Food Markets and Nutrition. Jan. 5th, 2019. Atlanta, GA.

Presented a paper at a policy seminar on Food Markets and Nutrition in the Developing World organized by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Mar. 18th, 2019. Washington DC. Video

Presented a paper at the Graduate Student Summer Speaker Series (GS4) organized by Tufts University. July 2020. Boston, MA. Video

Presented a poster on the Malaria Vulnerability in Ethiopia at the Tufts 2016 GIS Expo. Medford, MA.